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Hi, this is Leticia,
online Spanish teacher

→ Do you want to learn Spanish but it feels a bit scary?
→ Are you able to understand Spanish but you don’t feel confident when speaking?
→ Do you want to save time and money with online one-on-one flexible lessons?
→ Are you committed to practice in order to improve your Spanish?

Let’s do it together!  

What do students say?

“Agradezco a Leticia por haberme introducido al español en tan poco tiempo. En unas pocas lecciones, con su simpatía, su competencia y su perfecto acento castellano, me dió a conocer este maravilloso lenguaje. Aprecié la flexibilidad en los tiempos y en los temas por tratar. ¡Realmente gracias Leticia!”
Fabrizio Turrini, Udine, Italy
“Leticia is a great teacher! She will teach you Spanish in a creative way, taking your personal areas of interest into to the classes so as to make them more fun. It is easy to learn with her. She is structured, patient and positive. Our classes take place via Skype, but that does not lower the quality of the lessons. I’ve learned a lot with Leticia’s help!”
Ragnhild Moritz-Olsen, Oslo, Norway
“Leticia is an excellent teacher. In only ten lessons I was able to speak some Spanish, to understand many conversations and to manage daily situations easily and feeling comfortable when meeting Spanish people. I studied English, French and German at school and I noticed that her method and her accuracy can help you exactly in the fields you need. Furthermore she is enthusiastic, she really loves life and her job and this helps a lot. Lessons with Leticia are a great pleasure, you learn and enjoy what you are doing. She is helpful, she prepares each lesson carefully, following your needs and your interest. I totally recommend her! ¡Muchas gracias Professora!”
Viviana Capurso, Udine, Italy
“Leticia is an excellent and committed Spanish instructor! She is great at gauging what her students understand and adapting to help them learn. She really wants her students to interact, learn and succeed. I enjoyed every minute of our classes and they helped me a lot with my University exams!”
Rachel Penner, Los Angeles, US
“My experience with Leticia has been great. I have improved my Spanish a lot. I was able to have a (basic) conversation in Spanish after only two months of classes! I liked how she adapted the lessons to my personality and hobbies. I had never studied a language like this before, I mean, in a fun way. Leticia makes you feel comfortable from the very first day, and her lessons are fun, interesting and very productive!”
Maros Kvasnak, London, UK
“I took spanish lessons from Leticia in the summer of 2016. I learned a lot from her, especially the Spanish verbs. I had a great time, the classes were very interesting and never boring, and she helped me a lot!”
Chiel De Bruijn, The Hague, The Netherlands


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I’m Leticia Fuentelsaz, qualified Spanish teacher by the Instituto Cervantes. I have been teaching Spanish for over 6 years now and I love my job! Wanna  know a bit more about me?



My approach to teaching is very communicative, we will talk a lot. My classes are divided in sections, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and talking. We will adapt this structure to your needs.



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